Warrior Cats

1.) You must be at least 13 years old to participate in this roleplay.
2.) Posts under 150 words aren't accepted, we are a semi-literate roleplay.
3.) You must maintain some activity in order for your character to not be killed off. You must be able to do the bare minimum each round to keep your character alive. Please don't freak out if your character dies because you're too busy for the roleplay.
4.) Any need for time off or hiatus must be run through the staff or you risk removal/death. Please post in the time off section of the Discord to state any need for time away from roleplay. If the staff finds you need too much time off / are too busy your character will likely be killed off. For players that are missing too much from the game we just don't think there's much of a point for the character to stick around if they're missing most of the content. We do not require crazy activity, just the ability to post here and there and participate in your team chat.
5.) Power-playing / being over-powered will have a three strike policy, on your third strike you will be killed off. This roleplay is meant to be challenging on your character, characters shouldn't be perfect.
6.) Anyone creating drama or negativity within the community will be removed and blocked.
7.) Being apart of the Discord is mandatory, we do all of our game chatting there. You must be able to participate in your team chat on Discord to be able to be in this roleplay. Team work is very essential to win the game. If you can't have access to Discord unfortunately this roleplay is not for you.
8.) Warrior Cats terminology is not used in this roleplay (example : moons are called months)
9.) Once your Spirit Group is picked, you can't change it. Occasionally the staff might approach you about changing it.
10.) Characters cannot get pregnant during the game and cannot enter the game pregnant.
11.) Characters can only kill another character if given permission by the roleplayer. You can however injure / attack other characters as you please without permission. This roleplay is about unpredictability. Your character is never safe so be careful with who you annoy in roleplay if you don't want to be attacked.
12.) Cursing is allowed in roleplay.
13.) Absolutely no rape and backstories cannot include rape.
14.) We will have activity checks before each round, they will ONLY consist of commenting on an activity check journal. This is just so we can see who will be entering into the next round and if anyone needs to drop out / can't be active. If you fail to respond and are not on a hiatus your character will be killed off.
15.) We are very much LGBTQ+ friendly.
16.) You may only enter the game with one character per game.
17.) Art theft will result in an immediate removal and ban from the roleplay.