Warrior Cats

✹ What is The Last Arcadia? ✹

TLA is a fantasy feline roleplay. The roleplay is set in the future where solar flares destroyed the earth and wiped out most species. Characters live in a scorched world with the hope of finding salvation in what's known as The Golden City, which is told as a tale of happiness, a place free from the scorch.

TLA offers two roleplays. one is The Game which takes place inside the Golden City. One day the Dark Beasts (home page picture) pluck you from the scorch and toss you into the Golden City. The premise is for characters to partake in a twisted game of fate and luck within the Golden City, consisting of three rounds. Players play in teams and are given special powers (Spirit Group) to help them throughout the game.

The second option is Polis. Polis is more of a (limited) open world inside the scorch. Polis is a ruins city where survivors of the sun flares live, outside of Polis is the wasteland / scorch where hostile characters tend to live. Inside Polis characters do trades, try to survive the sun rays and generally do as they please. Characters inside of the Polis portion of TLA are eligible to be put into The Game when applications are being accepted. Polis is a great area to develop a future character for the The Game.

✹ How do I join ✹

Check out our join page, it contains all the information! 

✹ Can my character die? ✹

Your character only risks unpredictable death in The Golden City / game portion of the roleplay.

✹ Can I be a High Rank? ✹

TLA doesn't have classic high ranks. The game portion of the roleplay has none, aside for team captains which only help out with OOC related things. The Polis side of TLA does have council members in roleplay, these are usually picked based on people who are helping out with the roleplay and are generally pleasant people.

✹ Do you have any suggestions for Character Creation? ✹

Make sure to put time and effort into your character, especially if you want them to take part of the game inside The Golden City. It should be a character you generally want to see succeed or develop. If you're looking to put them into the game portion of the roleplay they must be within 6 months to 10 years.