Warrior Cats

✹ What is The Game? ✹ 

TLA is a fantasy feline roleplay. The roleplay is set in the future where solar flares destroyed the earth and wiped out most species. Characters live in a scorched world with the hope of finding salvation in what's known as The Golden City, which is told as a tale of happiness, a place free from the scorch. The trick is finding the Golden City is seemingly impossible, until one day the Dark Beasts (home page picture) pluck you from the scorch and toss you into the Golden City. The premise is for characters to partake in a twisted game of fate and luck within the Golden City, consisting of three rounds. Players play in teams and are given special powers (Spirit Group) to help them throughout the game.

✹ How do I join ✹ 

Check out our join page, it contains all the information! 

✹ What are Spirit Groups? ✹ 

Spirit Groups are a group your character is assigned to upon joining. Spirit Groups serve a purpose of assigning which power your character will get. Unfortunately you don't get to pick your Spirit Group. To be assigned a Spirit Group you will fill out a questionnaire and based on that and your character application, we will assign you a Spirit Group. Please keep in mind, two different personalities could be in the same Spirit Group. Trying to mold your characters personality to fit a Spirit Group is not a sure way to get the Spirit Group you want. You could very well be assigned a Spirit Group that contrasts the characters personality, so as to be a challenge for both you and your character. This roleplay is all about challenges.

✹ What are runes? ✹ 

Runes are 'branded' onto your character upon their entrance into the Golden City. These brands display which Spirit Group they have been placed into and characters draw from their rune to use their powers. Each rune is placed on the forehead so as to draw power from the 'third eye', click here to see examples. Because we understand not everyone wants a rune on their character (for cosmetic reasons or such), runes only come to life and are shown when a character is using their power. When they aren't the rune disappears. When in use the rune glows bright.

✹ Can my character die? ✹ 

Yes your character always risks death in this roleplay. Whether it be inactivity or event related. Upon signing up you must realize and be ok with the fact your character could be rolled to die in an event during the games. Please be aware though, we will give you multiple steps to ensure you won't die, if you fail all those steps then you might die. However a player cannot kill another player without permission. An inactivity kill is if a player is too busy / won't roleplay. If you don't have the time for this roleplay, it probably isn't for you. We kill off / remove inactive players because their inactivity negatively effects their team and ruins the teams chance at winning the game.

✹ Can I be a High Rank? ✹ 

This side of the roleplay does not have high ranks. Members are to work as a team to solve challenges. It is highly discouraged to assign any type of role within a group, so as to not have to rely on anyone for a certain thing. Part of the challenge of this game is to figure out how to work as a team or go up in flames while trying.

✹ How do teams work? ✹ 

Teams are assigned by staff. What we look for is to pair up characters that would theoretically be cool to see work together. Whether they work dysfunctional or perfectly. Remember that this game is a bunch of twisted challenges crafted by the Dark Beasts, they want entertainment in exchange for your salvation. They won't make this easy on you or your team, so they very well could pair dysfunctional groups with the sole purpose of seeing them squirm trying to work together. Teams consist of different Spirit Groups within the team, which is apart of the challenge to see how different Spirit Groups come together as one in harmony. Bare in mind teams are subject to change at any time. Building teams is not perfect, some turn out more/less active than others and sometimes shuffling is needed to create active and fun teams.

✹ Do you have any suggestions for Character Creation? Can I make a character for the game that wasn't in the Polis roleplay? ✹ 

Please put time and thought into your character. This needs to be a character you enjoy, that you want to see succeed, otherwise you won't be inclined to finishing rounds or even roleplaying. Not only does this sabotage your team but it could result in your characters death. We suggest creating a unique character, give them depth and purpose. Create accessories for them, give them a design you really like and a name you enjoy. Make their backstory something that interests you. 

If you're joining with a character that wasn't roleplayed in Polis that is completely fine. It is not a requirement to have been apart of that side of TLA.

✹ What happens if you win the game? Can I still roleplay my character? Can I enter the game again? ✹ 

If you win the game your character will go to Arcadia. Inspired by a novel, Arcadia is a far away island that was seemingly untouched by the scorch. The island is plentiful and beautiful, all winners will be sent there as their reward for pleasing the Dark Beasts, your character will keep their power as well. So yes you will be able to still roleplay your character. Your character will never be able to enter the game again (unless stated otherwise), but you are allowed to make a new character for future games.

✹ What happens if my character dies? Will you randomly kill characters? ✹

We will not randomly kill a character for no reason. The only reason your character would die is if you disappeared / neglected to participate in the game rounds. If your character dies you can re-submit them when a new game starts or create a new character. Bare in mind there are revival stones too. If you're an active member that does die due to any reason, we keep you in your team chat and you can be revived.

✹ What happens if I have to drop the roleplay during the game? ✹

If you have to drop the roleplay for whatever reason, in roleplay we will write it off as your character died during a challenge to make it the most realistic as possible in roleplay. You're always free to rejoin at a later time. If you dropped the roleplay due to lack of motivation or were kicked due to inactivity, we might be hesitant on trusting you with another spot in the next game, so keep that in mind.

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